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If you download any paid application from third-party source and using it for free, the developer of the Application might trace it and block the usage. It happens when the developers of the application revoke the license for usage of the particular app. So, are you worried? No need for think of it anymore. You can now download NessTool for iOS which helps us bypass the license revoking trails by developers.

NessTool is an application developed by TutuApp developers. Once NessTool is installed on your iOS device, it acts as a VPN layer between the app and the developer access revoke prompts. Read on to know more.

What is NessTool for iOS?

NessTool is a VPN that is used to bypass license revocation by Apple/Developers on any third-party applications. It is developed by TutuApp team. It can be installed from TutuApp store itself.

As TutuApp store features many paid applications for free, NessTool is required in parallel to safeguard your installed applications from getting license revoked without any notification. Users may even loose data on particular paid app which can never be restored. So, you should install NessTool if you are an user of TutuApp.

Download NessTool for iOS

How to install NessTool for iOS?

You can install NessTool for iOS through TutuApp itself. If you are new to this, do follow below step-by-step process to install.

Step 1: Download and install TutuApp for iOS.

Step 2: Once you install TutuApp, launch it. Search for NessTool in the app search.

Step 3: Find the right app and choose it. Now you can follow the onscreen instructions to start the installation.

Step 4: Once the installation is completed, launch it from app dock. You will see an warning popup Untrusted Enterprise Developer.

Step 5: Click Cancel. We got a solution for that. Navigate to Settings >> General >> Profiles and Device Management >> Tap on NessTool iOS app profile under ‘Enterprise Apps‘ section.

Step 6: Find the profile name ‘iPhone Distribution: Morton Metal Spinning Inc.‘ and tap to choose it.

Step 7: Now tap Trust “iPhone Distribution: Morton Metal Spinning Inc.“. Tap “Trust Again” if asked for.

Step 8: That’s it. Now open NessTool and verify if it opens without any warning message.

If you face issues while installation, do let us know. We may help you out.

Frequently asked questions | FAQ’s

Is NessTool a paid application?

No, it is completely free.

Does NessTool needs iOS to be Jail break-ed ?

No, it doesn’t require device to be jail break-ed.

Download NessTool for iOS
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