TutuApp Pokemon Go Download for Android

Pokemon Go was one of the famous Augmented reality game available for Android. In this game, gamer has to move across the streets to collect Pokemon. But not everywhere you can walk on streets and it may depend on the time and place criteria as well. So, if you wish to catch all the Pokemon around you without walking, you should download modified version of Pokemon Go from TutuApp.

Yes, TutuApp features a modified version of Pokemon Go which lets you catch all the Pokemon by simulating that you are walking on streets. The Pokemon Go here comes with a joystick on screen which lets you navigate over the map through streets to find all the Pokemon. It doesn’t require you to walk around in real. So, you are interested to download Pokemon Go from TutuApp? Please go through below steps to continue.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a augmented reality game available for Android and iOS. It was developed by Niantic. But the original developers doesn’t have any link with the modified version of the game.

So, if you are a regular player of Pokemon Go and wish to collect all the Pokemon around you, then TutuApp is for you.

TutuApp Pokemon Go Download

How to install Pokemon Go from TutuApp?

As the game is modified from the original source, it will be available on Google play store officially for download. You should download it from TutuApp store. Follow the below steps to get it:

Step 1: Download TutuApp for Android and install it.

Step 2: Launch TutuApp from App dock and use app search box and enter ‘Pokemon Go’.

Step 3: Find the respective application and tap on it. Follow the on screen instructions to install it.

Once the installation is completed, launch Pokemon Go. As the game starts, you can see a joystick on the screen which can navigate you through the streets even without leaving your home. Isn’t it cool?

TutuApp doesn’t let you limit with this. There are many other paid and modified applications available on TutuApp. If you face any issues while installation, do let us know. We may help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ’s

Is Pokemon Go free to download?

Yes, Pokemon Go is free to download from TutuApp store.

Does modified features of Pokemon requires any payment?

No payment is required. No credit/debit card addition is required as well.

Does TutuApp installation require Android root access?

No, device root access it not required for TutuApp installation.

TutuApp Pokemon Go Download for Android
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