TutuApp Clash of clans mod download

Clash of clans is one of the most played freemium mobile strategy game. It was initially released in 2012 first for iOS and later for Android devices. The concept of this game is that players can build their own cities and attack on other play cities with different level of upgrades. As user base is huge for this game, there is also a modified version of it released with additional features and hacks.

If you install Clash of clans mod, you can have additional features and options to attack opponent which the opponent may not have. Also TutuApp provides paid features on Clash of clans for free. So, if you are interested to download Clash of clans from TutuApp, go through the below steps.

What is Clash of clans Mod?

Clash of clans is an strategy game available for Android and iOS. Clash of clans Mod is a modified version of it which has free paid features and many other options. As it is a modified version, it cannot be downloaded from official Google Play store. It can only be downloaded from third-party source like TutuApp store.

So, if you are a regular play or Clash of clans and wish to get most out of it? Go through the below section to download Clash of clans mod from TutuApp.

Download Clash of Clans from TutuApp store

How to download Clash of clans mod from TutuApp?

As the game is modified from the original source, it will be available on Google play store officially for download. You should download it from TutuApp store. Follow the below steps to get it:

Step 1: Download TutuApp for Android and install it.

Step 2: Launch TutuApp from App dock and use app search box and enter ‘Clash of clans’.

Step 3: Find the respective application and tap on it. Follow the on screen instructions to install it.

Once the installation is completed, launch Clash of clans. As the game starts, you can see additional options and free features which are actually paid. Isn’t it cool?

TutuApp doesn’t let you limit with this. There are many other paid and modified applications available on TutuApp. If you face any issues while installation, do let us know. We may help you out.

Frequently asked questions | FAQ’s

Is Clash of clans free to download?

Yes, Clash of clans is free to download from TutuApp store.

Does modified features of Clash of clans requires any payment?

No payment is required. No credit/debit card addition is required as well.

Does TutuApp installation require Android root access?

No, device root access it not required for TutuApp installation.

TutuApp Clash of clans mod download
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